Our Salient Features

I&T Services is formed as service industry for providing information technology services (IT Services) and solutions by a group of software and academic professionals. The cost-effective services and solutions are directly aligned with the unique needs of each client. I&T Services is a top-tier business consulting and professional services with the aim to excel and promote open source technology and extend our services to each client. I&T Services is built on values, commitment to excellence, trust and individual leadership. Our cost-effective delivery methodology, highly skilled engineers and professionals, focus on quality standards, and flexibility in meeting your specific business requirements effectively.
I&T Services has expertise in:

  • Opensource Application Development & Support Services
  • Corporate Web Mail Accounts
  • Web Portal Solution and Support
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Consulting Services
  • Infrastructure Support
  • We are offering our specialist services in the following domains:
  • Educational Institutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Human Resource Management
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Corporate of any type
  • With the growing need for cost effective services and reliability on the open source, we are aimed to provide satisfaction to our valuable clients.

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    Open Source Development

    Open-source software development is the process by which open-source software, or similar software whose source code is publicly available, is developed. These are software products available with its source code under an open-source license to study, change, and improve its design.

    Customer Satisfaction

    The members of the I&T Services believe in the customer satisfaction, for all kind of services we deliver.

    Reliable Service

    The software products that we deliver to our clients, are designed on the open source platform, and we promise to provide support to our clients in all their downfalls.

    No Hidden Charges

    We deliver our services at minimal cost requirement to extract maximum features form the open sources systems and deliver the optimal customer requirement.